Why Use Exosomes? (Steml X-plus)

  • Cell-free product
  • Derived from fresh concentrated umbilical cord
  • plasma (UCB-PRP) with potency-related to parent cells
  • NOT from cultured/expanded source, but
  • purified directly from umbilical cord plasma (UCB-PRP)
  • No chance of genetic drift or mutations
  • Great source of cytokines/growth factors
  • Great source of mRNA and miRNA
  • No addition of zoonotic serums
  • Every batch is from a unique qualified single donor
  • Carry-over of albumins and immunoglobins are reduced compared to ultra-centrifugation
  • More exosomes isolated compared to ultra-centrifugation and better biomarkers
  • Stemell uses a sophisticated and proprietary process that yields the largest and purest yield of exosomes. Utilizing bio-polymer filtration and centrifugation, StemL X-Plus is the cleanest and purest product on the market.

Other brands on the market derive exosomes from cultured cells of single or multiple donors, which poses a high risk of genetic mutation, drifting, and mutations linked to cancer. This can also lead to contamination of unwanted synthetic proteins like albumins, IgGs, and more, whether it be from human or animal-driven serum.